Babies and Infants – they learn with their hands first

Babies can and will communicate their wants and needs to you, long before they can articulate spoken words into speech.

Research has shown that babies are capable of learning universal signs to say that they hungry, or full. Perhaps they would like more of something.

Think about it for a minute…instead of bursting into tears at the table or throwing food across the kitchen, your baby can sign to you that they are full or all done.

The vocabulary we teach you will also allow your baby to sign how they feel; recognize and acknowledge family members; tell you if and where they are hurt; and much more. Babies love to show you what they know and when they see how happy and encouraging you are, it will promote learning. The benefits of signing with your baby are endless. Read our testimonials from former class participants to see what they are saying.

At Hands First Baby Sign, you can be assured that you have chosen a quality baby sign language program. We offer a highly interactive program that both you and baby will enjoy. Hands First Baby Sign will provide you with accurate American Sign Language skills and excellent teaching techniques to pass on this valuable information to your baby. This unique program was created and initially introduced in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.